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Winter coziness / Summer delight

With the winter at the doorstep, I thought this app would be exactly what I needed for bringing in that warm coziness of a good soup to my winter meals… and to my home. 
For 99¢ I didn’t even bother taking a careful look at all the listed soup categories. I just saw “creamy soups” “chunky soups” and that was that. I had an instant mental image of having my usually cold hands wrapped around a bowl of good steaming soup, while staring into the flames of my fireplace and sipping it very slowly – uhmmmmm. 
Turns out, not only the winter soups are delicious but there is also a bunch of cold summer soups, like gazpacho and other joys one can drink on the deck on a hot summer afternoon... Can’t wait! 
And for someone like myself, who would never consider having a groceries list at hand, it’s just perfect - instead of endlessly staring at food in the groceries store, wondering what am I going to make, I just pull the recipes list out of the App, quickly throw whatever ingredients are listed under the recipe of my choice into my shopping cart and I’m ready to check out.

Looks good...

Just downloaded the app. Looks good. Would benefit from a grocery list feature.

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